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See what clients say after working with me. 

" I had a ground breaking RTT session with Nanda in the beginning of December 2022.I chose two topics to work on - a)how to understand my people pleasing behaviour and b) boundary settings. What I found incredible of it was the fact that, during the session, I could easily access or tap into really old memories of my childhood directly connected to my behaviours when it came to being a pleaser and finding hard setting boundaries. It all made sense. The memories during the session were so vivid and relevant that they allowed me to cry and cleanse feelings I had suppressed for years. At the end the session, I felt a mixed of relief and chock of how my subconscious mind could be so powerful to present me my fears/issues/solutions directly related to my issues. Now I hold a profound sense of gratitude, for those hours of my session were much more than a healing process to me, they were surreal. Plus the fact I had some audio to work out for 21 days my following days.I have lately seen new perspectives and understandings of my previous reactions. Actually I’ve noticed  them turning into positive responses and I could brake free from my old habitual patterns. The sensation I have had lately is that I feel much more in charge of my co-creating inner drive. Thus it turned out much easier to me setting healthy boundaries. I say much more often no, to things I don’t want, and I feel much more in touch with myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! "

" I had an RTT session with Nanda for an issue of being not being able to stand up for myself.Nanda was very professional and is a very skilled RTT therapist.  She got t the root of my issues in one session  She made me feel safe and supported during our session. I had my session and felt a massive rise in my confidence as soon as the session was over. Nanda made a personalized recording to listen to for 21 days. Her voice is soothing and relaxing, I feel this recording was very personal and had a tremendous affect of my thoughts and habits. I now stand up for myself and do not let people take advantage of me. I highly recommend you working with Nanda. She made me feel strong, confident and reminded me of many things. We had an instant breakthrough.I would definitely go back to Nanda if I required an RTT session with a different issue in future. "

" Feeling unworthy and having low self-esteem felt so normal somehow in my life that I didn’t even realise that it could be any different. This was affecting every area in my life, keeping me from developing and evolving. I can’t emphasise enough how grateful I am to have met Nanda, and shift all of that around. She created such a safe and comfortable atmosphere in our session, being so gentle and kind, making it very easy for us to reach the deep cause of my struggles. She prepared a wonderful transformational audio for me that I still continue to listen today. I am amazed of the effects the recording is having on me. I’m doing so much better at giving myself the esteem and worthiness I know (now) that I deserve.  Nanda is such a gorgeous therapist and I definitely recommend her sessions to anyone who struggles in their life. Whatever you struggle with, Nanda is your person." 

" I was having trouble sleeping. My sleep was interrupted many times during the night and early morning by daydreams of the mind, and this situation was making me unwilling to flow in activities at work and at home during my day.

The therapy performed by Nanda helped me to understand the main causes of insomnia and also to lessen its effect on my day to day. I've had nights where I've slept soundly and I've been having very restful nights of restful sleep.

I recommend Nanda as a therapist and I can say that the method she uses is quite innovative. "

“After having a call with Nanda I see so many good changes in my inner and outer world, especially I’m not acting/reacting with fear and insecurity. No words to express my gratitude to Nanda"

Dora 38, India  
Nazmeen 33, England 
Aildes 56, Brazil
Nadia 36, Austria 
Paula 44, Denmark
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