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You & me.

I lay the path of our work based on what you want.  You walk through it commited towards your own results and your transformation into the one YOU came here to be. 

My offer to you

Trasnformation. It is my honour to share my colours with you so that you can light up your heart again or shine even brighter. I will give you the clarity and confidence you need to go out there and light up the world with the colours of your heart and be the one you came here to be. 


Clarity to identify where you are coming from, where you are and what is giving you that feeling of beeing stucked again and again, and where you are heading towards. Confidence to tame your fears, to unblock yourself, to be free and allow you to unfold into the one you are. Nothing is greater and as powerful than having your heart lighten up and your powerful mind working together, aligned and sincronized towards a higher purpose. 


I am delighted to be able to help you to be free from your issues and to empower you through my Butterfly Transformational Packages designed for your best experience with Rapid Transformational Therapy  (RTT) from the confort of your home with exclusive one-on-one online sessions.   

Note: For clients who wish to work with me in person for an additional fee, I  am able to offer sessions in the North of Copenhagen , Denmark


Choose your entry
transformational BUTTERFLY package 

 BUTTERFLY express

  • 1 RTT session - 120 min

  • 1 Personalised hypnotic audio

  • 1 follow up session - 20 min

  • 30 days email support


  • Intro Coaching session - 60 min

  • 3 RTT sessions - 120 min

  • 3 Personalised hypnotic audios

  • 1 coaching session 45 min

  • 1 follow up session - 30 min

  • 90 days email support

RE-MIND yourself to be the one you
came here
to be.

The Transformational Butterfly packages are designed to help you make lasting change quickly and effectively. Some issues are solved or highly improved with only one RTT session while most issues will need up to three sessions. We start with a free consultation call where both of us can get the feeling that we are a fit and are committed to journey we will take together. Than we get the practicalities in place and you will receive you butterfly link, where you are able to schedule your transformational sessions. 

Let's talk. I am
here for you.

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