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Hello  I am Nanda Speranza, a Heart Lighter & Mind Shifter
I Am certified Hypnotherapist , Coach &  Rapid Transformational Therapy Therapist

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about my heart 

my WHY 

my HOW 


My life mission is to inspire and empower you to transform yourself into the one you came here to be so that you can light up the world with the colours of your heart.  I am a heart lighter, meaning that I both aliviate  and light up your heart so that you can keep burning your thirst for what makes you to be who you are in your essense. 


I do it by creating transformational spaces, where you can dig deeper into the root causes of your own believes about your self and you come up lighten up, with clarity and confidence to take the decisions and actions that will take you to the one you came here to be. 

Coaching, Hypnosis, RTT sessions, trasnformational packages, progams, audios, products and services that I develop with my heart and mind for you.


You who is tired of not playing full out in your life because you feel like you are not enough, or because you feel that the things you want are not available to you. You who wants to be everything you are deep inside your heart, but somehow,  somewhere acquired a belief that you are not worth it. You who is fed up of feeling lonely,  because you feel different. You who stopped dreaming and now feels your soul has been turned off. You who knows you have a gift to give to the world, but does not know how. You who have been told you can't, because of this or that. You who understand that poetry and heart quotes are not cheesy, but an honest message from my heart to yours. 


You who wants to light up the world with the colours of your heart and be the one you came here to be. 

Because as a young woman, I have set my foot into the world 20 years ago and I have felt the pain of feeling different, of not having the things I wanted the most available to me and because no matter how high my dream and ambitions were, I didn't play full out because I was busy with the wrong actions because I did not feel good enough to step  fullyin into the one I knew I was inside my heart. I didn't feel ready to be the one I came here to be. I didn't feel connected to people even tought I had  thousand of virtual friends from all over the world. I choose you, because as a mother I felt knockout, in a  innertia state, overwhelmed, lonelly, frustrated that I could not start my own business because  I was so  exhausted breastfeeding for years day and night. I was not diagnosed drepressed, but I felt a deep sadness inside my soul. I felt frustrated because no matter how much   I wanted to I didn't feel I was present enough with my beloved child.  I choose you because I have been told that I did not have the right to follow my dreams, that it was childish to dream. I choose you because I was told I should just take on a brainless job. I choose you because I was told I would never achieve the things I wanted and that I was just all over and I was unrealistic. i choose you because I was told the worse was my fault. 


BUT,  I have kept the flame inside my heart on, even though the winds were so strong at times that I felt blown away. I learned to dream again and  how to light up my heart again and again.  I believed that there was a way. I found a way.  I learned to transcend the love for myself. I faced some hard truths,  I dared to deeg deep into myself to forgive. I  learned to stay focused. I got clarity about what I want, I learned how to observe myself and the sensations in my body. I kept telling myself that where there is a will there is a way. I learned how to ask for help and I got humble and went into therapy for a while, I keep learning, growing and believing in my heart. I trusted the universe, I did my part and it did its part. I learned to change my mind to change my life and to always stay true to my heart how to own my heart, I dared to change my mind. I dared to change my life so that today I can be the one I came here to be and light up the world with the colours of my heart.   

I learned that my heart is lighten up when I touch and light up your heart, when I  inspire and empower you to be the one you came here to be 

why YOU 

My life mission is to inspire and empower people to transform themselves into the ones they came here to be, so that they can light up the world with the colours of their hearts. It sounds cheesy, but it is not when I mean and own. I love poetry and this sentence of my favorit poetesse tells a lot about me one of my biggest beliefs that I am proud and glad to let lead my life. 

"Nothing we live makes sense if we don't touch people's hearts.”

Cora Coralina.


Today I run a business I love and put my heart in each product  or service I develop so that I can touch your heart and help you to give life to that flame that will ignite the transformation that you desire. 

To be able to do this I had to overcome a number of fears and limiting beliefs  about myself and the world around me.  I have figured out my way of touch people's hearts is by touching their minds and I am delighted to apply what I have learned to help you. 

"Nothing we live makes sense if we don't touch people's hearts.”

Cora Coralina.

As a coach I typically work with woman who feel they are meant to do more with their lives and to the world but are uncertain about what or how to do it, by creating spaces for them to gain clarity and confidence to pursuit what they want and be the ones they came here to be. 

As an hypnotherapist  help individuals and companies  free themselves from beliefs that are blocking them to achieve what they want

As owner and founder of Puzzles & Paths I help people to deeply connect with them selves in  reflective sittings while they are putting conscious bricks together. 

When you work with me, you benefit yourself from all the above experience I carry with me in each of my practices or products I develop. 

I am ready to help you to be the one you came here to be. 

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about me 

I'm was born and raised in the South of Brazil, but in 2003 I  moved to Europe when I was 20 years old. I studied, worked and lived mostly in Denmark with some scapes to Sweden, Italy and back to Brazil.

I have a bacherol in Business Administration with focus in Strategic Management and a Master degree  in Service Management. I have previously worked in the private and in the public sector with administration, event management, sales and process optimisation. I have also been around the startup world when I startet a language and culture  company while finishing my academic education.  

 I am happily married to Kristian and I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter . 

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